Get Ready for Halloween With These Cute New Ideas!

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Ok, so you've decorated your home, found costumes for your kids and pets, and added some fun decorations for your front door. Some designs are just too cute to pass up while others are just spooky and festive. Each year, trends for Halloween change so let's see what's hot for 2019!

Bring Your Planters Into The Festivities:

There are so many really adorable, fantastic decorations to brighten up your planters that will bring a smile to your face. 

From ghosts to skulls, and even monsters planters, they have all increased in sales for October 31! These designs are perfect for all you minimalists as well.

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Your Front Door Will Take Center Stage:

Your front door is a huge focal point for Halloween decorations. Neighbors and trick-or-treaters will love the designs that are coming out this year. Look into some spooking wreaths, add some classic cobwebs with dangling spiders, or fun doormats.

Add a few Boo” signs in your front yard to usher Halloween in with a bit of pizzazz and a whole lot of fun!

For Your Door

Get Ready For Doggy Costumes!

Whether your dog will appreciate being dressed up for Halloween or not, these costumes are just to die for! Shopping for dog costumes is on the rise this year, though I think probably every year!

There are so many really cute costumes to choose from in all sizes and shapes!


Spooky Candle Light!

What Halloween décor is complete without candles? Whether you want to go crazy or just add a touch, candles are ready for Halloween as well.

Place a few on your mantle place, on your bookcase, end tables, and everywhere else!  You are ready to go!

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Ahh, Spooky Nostalgia!

There are decorations, costumes, hats, cats, and everything else that seems to evoke yesteryear and never grow old.

So many shoppers will look high and low for vintage, classic styles, and designs from as far back as Victorian times! Who wouldn't fall in love with a Victorian Witch's get up?


Dress Up As A Lion!

Whether you are a kid getting ready for trick or treat or a young adult heading to a masquerade party, the oldest question of all times – What am I going to be? There seems to be a rise in lion costumes, elaborate masks, and aliens!

Alien costumes can be adorable, comfy, or a tad bit naughty! Add a cute mask or grab some glitter make up and have fun designing your face. The sky's the limit!

What could possibly be cuter than dressing up like an adorable lion and knocking on someone's door?  If you are not into costumes, how about just grabbing a really cool mask?