Get Your Dog A Beer. Now You Can (Can? Can!)

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For many dog owners, their dog tends to be among their closest friends. The kind of loyalty often shown by a dog simply does not happen too often in life. It’s for this reason that, when we have a dog, we can enjoy social activities with it like we would a friend.

If you ever wanted to enjoy a cold one with your canine, though, you would be putting its health at active risk. Thankfully, though, you no longer need to worry about that.

While drinking has long been a part of the culture in the west, many of us do enjoy just a few quiet drinks.

This means that, as you sit with your dog, you might choose to give him a little sip of your beer. Thanks to the developers behind the wonderfully named Good Boy beer, you can now give him a full tin all to himself!

The dog can now enjoy a nice can of beer with you, making sure that both parties get to enjoy a wonderful social experience. If you want to sit with your mates and have a few beers, then you can now make sure your dog does not feel left out of the social experience.

Created in Houston, Texas, Good Boy Beer is made by the creative duo of Meg and Steve Long. The best thing about this, too, is that the beer is actually free entirely of alcohol. So, don’t worry, you won’t need to worry about your dog getting drunk and wrecking the place!

Instead, this drink works as a helpful and enjoyable digestive aid. The beverage is sold in over 20 locations now and looks set to take a pretty huge jump in popularity in the near future.

What Does This Beer Involve?

Good Boy Beer, then, is made to help ensure that your dog can enjoy a drink with you. It’s made using many of the same tools that you would work within a brewery, but there is no fermentation process that takes place.

Made from safe and natural ingredients, this tasty treat will make sure that your dog can enjoy a drink that helps its food to settle after a meal.

It’s got important ingredients in there, including turmeric as well as a happy helping of meat and vegetables. This helps to make sure that your dog can enjoy the beer – we just probably wouldn’t recommend that you try one yourself.

If you find yourself in a bar in the near future and you want to bring your dog with you, you should recommend they start selling Good Boy Beer. With it being sold in a range of dog-friendly establishments, this “beer” looks set to be a major hit.

There are some comical flavors and names out there for it already, with some very pun-tastic names used throughout the collection. If you want to help your dog enjoy the delightful act of having a beer with you, then, this might just be the perfect place to start out!