Going, Going, Gone! Moon Rocks Sold For 600K!

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Most of us will never experience exploring outer space to discover it's many mysteries. Outer space and the oceans, now known as the “Blue Planet”, are the only two true final frontiers.

There are those of great wealth who are trying to make plans for commercial space flights which only goes to show how very enticing outer space really is.

A Piece Of The Moon

This brings us to the subject of this post.  What if you could actually have a piece of space in your hand?  Moon rocks have become a very strong attraction and people will pay almost anything to own one.  Well, just recently, a moon rock sold at auction in Boston for 600K!!

You might wonder why it sold for such a huge price tag.  Well, the average meteorite will be the size of a golf ball or a walnut. They are really small after entering our atmosphere because they are traveling so fast and are burned up in the process.

These meteorites are not exactly plentiful so you don't have a lot of options for getting your hands on one. This particular lunar meteorite came in at an amazing 12 pounds which is extremely rare!

This 12-pound meteorite was put up for auction by RR Auction in Boston, MA and sold for $612,500 to someone representing the Tam Chuc Pagoda complex, located in the Ha Nam Province in Vietnam.

Where Was This Moon Rock Found?

You might think it was brought back to earth from the moon by an astronaut but you'd be wrong.  When astronauts collect and bring back rocks from the moon, these rocks become government property.

As it's impossible for you to jump on a flight to the moon, the only way you could possibly come into possession would be right here on Earth.

This particular rock was found by Aerolite Meteorites in a remote region in Northwest Africa. It's believed this meteorite landed on Earth thousands of years ago.

Paraphrasing Geoff Notkin, CEO of Aerolite Meteorites, they knew the minute they saw this rock it was extraordinarily unusual and about as close to a once-in-a-lifetime find as you can get.

Now Known As The Moon Puzzle

Even though the original meteorite weighed 12 pounds, it's actually broken up into 6 different pieces with the largest weighing 6 pounds. That's how it got its nickname the Moon Puzzle because the pieces all fit together just like pieces of a puzzle.

Robert Livingston, president of RR Auctions, said he was so proud to have the meteorite at the auction and believes this Moon Puzzle will be a great inspiration for all students interested in science for generations to come.

Another unique quality of this meteorite, it has a partial fusion crust which simply means as it entered Earth's orbit, it burned.  In most cases, people will not usually pay 600K for an object that is burned and broken but then again, there are not a lot of meteorites available for the public.

I would have to ask myself if I had that kind of money, would I spend it on a damaged moon rock? Maybe I would do just that!

In the meantime, all we can do, for now, is fantasize and try to imagine what it would be like to travel to outer space.  We can only wonder if reincarnation really exists and come back as Captain Kirk and Spock traveling at the speed of light on the Starship Enterprise!!