Gold, Luxury Cars and… Tigers. Only in Dubai

Think of a modern city. Skyscrapers and all when suddenly a tiger just walks by on a leash. The place where this can happen is over in the Gulf country of UAE, United Arab Emirates. Yes, it’s been illegal for a couple of years, but hey… pets are pets, aren’t they?
In the UAE, especially Dubai, wild cats have been domesticated for years as a luxury item, just like having a gold Lamborgini. Some of the rich just drive around town in their car and have their wild cats in the passenger seat. 

It’s a sign on wealth and power, and it doesn’t stop at wild cats either. When you want to show off your wealth you just goldplate everything you own and rap it up in diamonds. When you drive around town you’re bound to witness many outrageously luxurious gold plated cars, diamond-studded phones and more bling than you’ve ever seen.

By the way, the law, which was originally passed in 2015 in the UAE, has only been enforced since 2017, and if caught and found guilty, owners could be jailed for around six months and fined a funny amount of $136,000. The law says that you can not deal or own “all types of wild and domesticated but dangerous animals.”
A big newspaper in Abu Dhabi added that if the animal is used to frighten people, the owner would be fined $200,000. These are amounts that can’t really deter anyone in Dubai.

Not only wild cats

We already told you that the trend didn’t stop with wild cats. In Dubai, you can see many extravagant and outlandish items and products that not only belongs to citizens, but to companies and marketing firms as well. Back in 2008, a hotel in Dubai, called Dubai Atlantis hotel, had a real live whale shark swimming in its gigantic lobby aquarium.

The whale shark was nicknamed Sammy and was there for 18 months before he was taken back to sea. The Hotel management said that they rescued the whale from death in shallow waters, but a former employee told local media that having a whale shark in the hotel aquarium was part of the marketing plan for years.

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