Google Assistant Undergoes Comprehensive Update

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For some people, they are the most wonderful additions to an ever-more modern style of life. For others, they are the symbols of a dystopian future warned by writers like George Orwell. Whatever the truth of their invention, it’s fair to say that tools such as Google Assistant have made quite the impact over the years.

Indeed, the Google Assistant tool has undergone a host of new updates and functional changes recently. Each new add-on adds some interesting new features, and this latest refreshing of the Google Assistant platform adds some very cool new tricks. For example, it now makes use of the ‘Pretty Please’ functionality that so many of us asked for.

With Amazon Alexa now giving children some kudos for being nice to it, it would appear that Google is doing the same here. Is it weird to talk to a computer and say thanks to it? Yes, a little. However, it’s definitely happening and now, if you say ‘pretty please’ to your Google Assistant, it will be much nicer in return.

You will be given a host of “delightful responses” if you are nice to the AI, saying things like “thank you!” to it will elicit a positive response. Its’ just a small change, but it’s more about what this says about where this tech is headed. Already, we are seeing a significant shift towards creating a rather different kind of interaction – treating the AI like it is part of the family.

The humanization of our AI tools is obviously going to divide some. The reason for its inclusion, though, is that children are often rude and course with their AI, so this is supposed to help to teach them the value of good manners.

What else is new?

Don’t worry, the new updates add more than a desire for politeness and human friendliness to the AI. Now, you will be able to enjoy easy management of lists using your Google Assistant. From named and themed lists to easy reading out of your list this will make it much easier for you to keep access to all of your most important lists.

It’s also got some awesome stuff for parents with not enough time on their hands. For example, it could now read a series of popular Disney stories to your kids, with many classics to come in the future such as Cinderella and Lion King.

Just in time for Christmas, too, is a host of new and improved interactive games – just say “Hey Google, call Santa!” and it will do just that. It’s all about helping Santa to learn some new festive tunes for the big day, and is great fun.

From responsive shouts to new photo storage and sharing options, this tool is going to make the day-to-day challenges for the average Google Assistant user far less irritating. It’s a much-needed update, and improves the quality of the hardware whilst making sure we don’t take our festive frustrations out on our newest member of the home: Google!

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