Google Launches New Celebrity Video App

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With the world being ever-more interested in celebrity lifestyles and living, it’s no surprise to see Google acting accordingly. As one of the most powerful tech firms on the planet, Google have a unique habit of getting there before everyone else: and with their new video app, that might just about to be a trend that continues along. Thanks to Cameos, the new app from Goole, celebrities are going to find it easier than ever to funnel their own search results.

Now, celebrities can record a full-screen video answer and upload it to answer key questions about themselves found online. With commonly asked questions to Google filtered to them, they can record a quick message to deliver a personal take on what they answer would be.

Eagle-eyed Reddit users will see that this is essentially a chance to turn the Ask Me Anything (AMA) system into a video format, but fair play to them. Celebrities can now record answers to questions about them easily, ensuring that they can fight back against backlashes of misinformation, rumour and other assorted garbage.

While critics say it’s merely going to give celebrities a chance to sugar-coat questions about themselves or their deeds, fans say it’s nice to give them this kind of platform. Celebrities are often lampooned in various ways, and to have a chance to fight back against the gossip will be quite useful.

Something New For Celebrities

Interestingly, this app is going to become pretty popular purely because it’s been in the works for some time. Whatever faults can be levelled at Google; they have a pretty strong record of making a success of things they trial out in the long-term.

With the aim of trying to make mobile searches in particular even more personal – and personable – as well as with a verified, heard-it-here-first approach to celebrity news, celebrities should be able to take care of their own lives a bit easier.

Being able to have minor control about the veracity of what is being said about them online must be very fun indeed. With the ability to out-rank the algorithmic planning of Google by giving people an answer from the celeb themselves, this is going to help make sure that popular questions and queries regarding their lives can be answered by the celebrities themselves.

While some might roll their eyes at yet another new celebrity-specific feature, it’s nice to see that those who we spend so much time talking about can finally give some kind of response.

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