Google Maps Will Tell You About Speed Traps

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Who hasn’t been rolling along, not paying much attention to your speeds, and seen the familiar blue lights or the flash of a speed trap camera?  Now you’ve got a speeding ticket, complete with fines and points on your license.  While posted speeds are law, we frequently treat them like suggestions and pay the price.

Google has decided to give the average driver a hand with its new feature; it displays the speed limit of any road you are on as well as just how fast you are traveling.  These guides will be shown on the lower left side of your Google map app.

Want more?  Google has devised a way of warning drivers audibly that they are approaching a speed trap, giving them time to tap the brakes and slow down before they see the flashing lights behind them.

The Google feature isn’t a new concept, but it was provided exclusively to certain locales, such as Rio De Janeiro and the San Francisco Bay areas, who have enjoyed the tech for a year.

Available In These Countries:

Mashable has researched a claim first leaked by the Android Police and can confirm that speed limit and speed traveled alerts will be available in Denmark, the US, and the UK.  Speed camera alerting will be available for drivers in India, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, the US, Mexico, and the UK.

Google has historically had to rely on drivers to send speed trap alerts, but this new Maps offering will allow drivers to see them in real time while using the app.

Waze is a popular mapping app that offers speed trap alerts, making it more user-friendly than Google maps. Google took over Waze in 2013, buying the company for around $1 billion USD.   Users wished that Google maps had the feature, but for nearly five years, they didn’t seem inclined to incorporate the upgrade.

These alerts will not only save drivers from costly speeding mistakes but will also keep the roads safer for everyone.