Google's New "Touring Bird" App Is A Traveler's Dream

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Google's Touring Bird website is a nifty new travel tool designed to help vacationers easily find activities in top travel destinations according to their interests, budget, and time.

Planning a trip is a key component of any successful vacation. Hours spent on the web reading reviews, scrolling through photos, and comparing prices are familiar to every traveler. "Traveling to new places is fun and exciting — but for a lot of people, planning what to do once you’re there is not. It often involves hours of research, reading dozens of travel guides and blogs across the web, sifting through reviews, compiling your own lists, comparing prices and offerings, and asking friends and family for recommendations," Google's Touring Bird team wrote.

Thanks to their new web application, planning a trip has never been easier. "Touring Bird helps travelers explore, compare, and book tours, tickets, and activities from multiple providers in top destinations around the world—all in a single place," Google says.

Touring Bird is accessible on both desktop and mobile, and offers the best price for each selected activity or activities, including options to bundle activities to save money. The website includes a built-in bookmarking and sharing feature which allows you to save your favorites to a list.

The website displays a mixture of things to experience for each city divided into categories. These include:

  • Top Sights: Most popular Prague-area attractions.
  • Tours & Activities: Guided tours, tickets & travel experiences.
  • Local Tips: Recommendations from locals & travel experts.
  • Free Tours: Guided tours on a pay-what-you-wish basis.
  • and the ability to explore the city by interest.

The interest category allows visitors to filter the city's attractions, such as helping them find essential experiences, track hidden spots and locals' picks, discover drinking and dining (and cooking) experiences, learn about the kid-friendly activities on offer, locate the arts and architecture hub, as well as pinpoint the most Instagrammable sites and selfie-worthy spots. "A leisure trip to a destination is usually between three to eight days," Lax Poojary, who leads the Touring Bird team said. "People want to do top activities and attractions in the first few days, but then they want to do more immersive things. We wanted to build a one-stop shop."

An added bonus of the website is that it also serves as a useful tool to assist in locating trusted ticket booking options for when tourists are ready to start checking out attractions. Each entry on the website has a price included, with the ability to filter by price according to your budget, as well as the refund options available. The website also gives easy access to every tour and attraction’s cancellation policy terms, which is a huge welcome to travelers who typically find this difficult to locate as this is often buried in the fine print, and sometimes requires a phone call to understand.

The website currently lists attractions, activities, and tips for 20 of the world's most popular tourist destinations, with plans to increase the number in the future. "We're working hard to bring Touring Bird to more cities—please stay tuned!" says the website. The cities currently covered are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, New Delhi, New York, Orlando, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, D.C.

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