Gordon Ramsay Posts Pictures Of Raw Food. Why?

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When you are cooking for your friends, you can pretty much serve whatever you want.  But raw food? You might want to store that in a folder labeled “What Not To Serve At A BBQ”.

That's probably easier said than done when you are a famous international chef.  The food you prepare is going to be noticed by millions of people.  That's a given for Gordon to deal with on a daily basis.

He has spent years shouting at chefs in kitchens, making derogatory comments about their sandwiches because they couldn't seem to grasp how to cook a simple egg.

He is well-known for berating others and making comments that are a far cry from decent. Rarely does he have the focus turned on him or his cooking skills? It seems the tables have turned and many people have taken issue with his latest concoctions during a BBQ.

Controversial Chateaubriand

That said, people had taken issue with one of his latest accomplishments in the kitchen and placing it on social media revealing a delicious looking Chateaubriand.

The dish is served on a wooden board with a Bearnaise sauce, tomatoes, and green garnish.  The pictures, alone, will definitely stir up your appetite, but some people had questioned when the meat was going to be properly cooked?

His post was covered in comments from people saying the meat was way too raw to serve for their liking.  One person said, quite sarcastically, that if they could get a veterinarian on the scene quickly, he or she could probably resuscitate the poor cow.

Others have suggested that Ramsey place it back on the BBQ.

Secret Sauce

What many of these commentators do not understand, this is exactly how you serve Chateaubriand along with a Bearnaise sauce!  It is a tenderloin cut that is located between the sirloin and top sirloin parts of the cow.

Even though he's not wrong, some people find the image a little beyond upsetting. Moving on to the popular online show, First We Feast, which consists of people asking questions while eating hot wings.

What you might call hot wings might not be the same, these hot wings are super HOT!

Ramsey is the most requested guest on the show and it was his kids bullying him to go on.  They told their dad he is always shouting and screaming all day because he has a big mouth, but can he actually take on some of these hot wings?

During the interview, he couldn't help but make negative comments about the hot wings, asking how long these wings had been cooked and followed up with “because they are a bit “f**ing” overcooked. He said one of the wings looked like his grandfather's big toe and quite simply they are just not good.

He managed to take on the wings but as the heat started to rise, he started breaking into a sweat and started tearing. Final comment, as he wiped back tears, he said “I haven't cried this much since AA Gill's funeral”

Way to go First We Feast! What goes around, sometimes comes back around!