Impress Your Friends: Cooling Your Wine Like A Boss

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For anyone who enjoys a nice bottle of vino, it’s very easy to get annoyed at those who ‘do it wrong’. For example, the art of chilling wine is very much a skill in itself – and it’s very easy to get that skill wrong. If you are someone who is new to the world of wine, you may not be 100% sure what kind of techniques work best for keeping your wine in fine condition.

Gwen Ihnat of The Takeout decided to find the best way to chill wine so she checked with a few expert friends of her. Some of her discoveries were very impressive indeed. So, what’s the best way to chill wine?

If you’ve made some plans for a night in with the friends and family, you want to get the wine just right. Long evenings and sunny days are just around the corner – so how can you make sure that you are on-point with regards to the best way to chill wine?

Nice and Simple

The best way to chill your wine, for those with strong memories and attention spans anyway, is to chill the wine for 20 minutes in the freezer. It’s recommended that you time it, maybe setting a smartphone alarm to make sure you don’t forget with brutal consequence later on down the line.

It’s the same for most wines – keeping them in a freezer for around 20 minutes can get it spot on that works very well, though so does simply leaving it in an ice bucket most of the time – especially when dealing with red wine.

Frozen Paper

Another comical but effective method is to get a batch of paper towels and wet them in the sink to get them nice and cold. Then, wrap the towels around the bottle of wine and stick that in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. By this time, the paper turns hard and almost ice-like, and creates a fantastic way to chill the bottle to the point of enjoyment.

The Mix

On her trips, though, Gwen heard arguably the strangest but most effective wine chilling method we’ve ever heard of. Basically, you get a wine bucket, fill it to about half-way with water, and then add some ice in on top of the water. Put the bottle in, spin it around in the mixture and you should get it cold in a matter of minutes!

While getting your water just right can take a lot of work, this helps to give you three simple methods to chill a wine bottle safely, quickly and without any issue!


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