GoT’s Icewall May Stand as Permanent Attraction for Ireland Tourists

If you think of yourself as a real-life Targaryen, Stark, or Lannister you’re in luck.

The Wall


The great fictional wall of ice that serves as a barrier across the northern Westeros border of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones could be becoming a fixture for tourists to the northern coastline of Ireland. According to reports from the Belfast Telegraph, the local council of the area has requested that when HBO wraps their filming of season six of the hit TV show they leave behind the set.
The DUP MP of East Antrim, Sammy Wilson spoke out that the set is magnificent and the site is already primed to become a massive attraction for tourists. Vast numbers of buses and people passing through currently do stop to try to get views of its majesty. Wilson for his part had the luck to be invited to pass a night watching the filming of scenes at the Magheramore Quarry. Thus, once filming is complete and the cast and crew have all moved on the hope of the council members is that development in the area can continue as a tourism attraction.
Having the set stay there would be the proverbial icing on the cake according to the council.
On the series the wall plays a palpable role as a barricade of ice the Night’s Watch calls home. It serves to divide the frozen wastelands of the North from the sunny isles of the South in the Seven Kingdoms. Being home to filming Game of Thrones has been an economic boon for the North Irish, since obsessed fans and driving tourism. The Dark Hedges road lined with beech trees in Stranocum that serves as the backdrop known as the King’s Road in the series has also seen increased visitor traffic.
Thrones filming locals the world over have benefited from booms in tourism in the same way sites around New Zealand used to film the Lord of the Rings trilogy are still enjoying popularity as tourist destinations and the King’s Cross Station gets visiting Harry Potter fans. Some fans even go so far as to travel the world and recreate famous movie scenes in their original settings.

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