Why The Government Will Pay You to Live in This Eerie Town

When something sounds too good, it usually is. So, when I hear about a government-sponsored volunteer position in the historic town of Garnet, Montana, with free room, free board, a stipend for meals and ample time to explore the Montana wilderness, something must be up.


And of course, there is a catch. It happens to be that this peaceful and quiet small town in the middle of nowhere has a bigger problem than lack of WIFI or running water- this town is known as the most notorious ghost town in the country.

Paranormal Activity

Back in the day Garnet was a frontier mining town, however after it was abandoned in the 1940’s, the residents started to dwindle. But some stayed, and there are claims that these ghosts of the past are still roaming around today.

It’s widely reported by the residents of town that there are eerie piano sounds coming from inside the old saloon late at night as well as distant voices. The theory goes that after sundown, former resident come out to get on with what used to be their daily activity.

the small town
the small town

Other bizarre claims by the locals is the belief that ghosts hide in the shadows of the town, and transparent figures are spotted walking through buildings. While there is not definite proof and nothing captured on camera, even hearing how locals describe the freaky goings-on in this ghost town is enough to scare many people off.

Overwhelming Response

But some proved that their desire to experience Garnet is greater than their fear of the ghosts that live there too. In fact, the response to the volunteer position was so overwhelming that the Bureau is no longer accepting any applicants for the position which includes volunteering in the tourist shop and giving guided tours. Who knows, maybe between the tours and exploring the town we will finally get some paranormal activity proof!

Ghost Town #2

While Garnet is the most well-known Ghost town in the united Stated, it’s by no means the only one. on a small gravel road in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park there is place known as Elkmont Tennessee.


Although this resort town was once full of tourists and hustle-bustle, it has since been totally abandon. No more are the thriving neighborhoods, nor the resorts hosting all the visitors. Some believe it is the reports of weird and paranormal activity that scared the townspeople away. To make things even more freaky, Elkmont is the only place on planet Earth that has a rare species of fireflies that flash their lights in sync. If that isn’t as close to paranormal as you get I don’t know what it!

Although both places sound fascinating, and although I don’t believe in things like ghosts and transparent figures wandering through buildings, I would still pass on the generous offer of setting up shop in Garnet. Living in a ghost town, even for disbelievers like me, is not the way I would want to spend my summer. But kudos to the brave out there!