Great parenting comics

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Many of us grew up with comic books and we still feel a sort of nostalgia when someone mentions it. Most of those early comics were humoristic, carving the path for future authors. That world never disappeared. There are many comic artists today that make us laugh on daily basis, especially the ones who create short ones, but full of humor. Here's the story about one of those persons, totally involved in this nice and funny art.

Greeting card artist and dad of two children, Brian Gordon expressed the will to create a comic series which would be a bit more personal than his usual works. He said: "I thought I had figured out what kids were like and how to parent after the first one, but my daughter came along and proved I had no idea what I was doing." Finally in 2013, the "Fowl Language Comics" was launched, as a funny, cute and expletive-filled look at parenting nowadays.


His comics were an instant success on the internet worldwide. He tries to focus on the tougher part of being a parent, that is well-known to all of us. He says: "Nothing’s easier to make fun of than failure and frustration, and that’s about 90% of parenting, as far as I can tell."

The author expressed hope that parents would feel a sense of solidarity when they see theses comics. He said: "A lot of people are hesitant to complain about their kids or admit how mind-numbing certain aspects of parenting can be, but we all experience it. I think it takes the sting out of the frustration when you realize that other parents are going through the same crap you are."


Early in kindergarten, Brian Gordon decided to become a cartoonist. He says that his classmates had equally unrealistic life goals and dreams, like becoming superheroes and princesses. But this little boy was more tenacious.


On his official website, he says: "So far, things are working out okay. Secret to my success? I suck worse at everything else. You get a lot of drawing done when Plan B is Starve To Death. My comics are largely inspired by my struggles as a parent, my fascination with technology, science and all things geeky. Oh, and a constant, crushing wave of self-doubt and anxiety. That’s a big source of inspiration, too."


His parents characters are always replaced with animals, adding a bit more of comedy in already funny stories. Comics are short and they talk about the stuff that we're all facing as parents on daily bases. We all have problems and we all make mistakes, but Brian somehow put all that in a funny atmosphere, so instead of being pissed off, we laugh loud. Maybe by creating all these comics, Brian Gordon actually made his life as a parent a little easier. He keeps a sort of diary in his mind and then put it all on the paper.

Here are some of his great comics below, reminding us that we’re all in this together.