The Better Life Of The Rich Gulf States

The states of the Persian Gulf include: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These nations neighbor one another and share more than a few fascinating characteristics as we’ll see.

Saudi Arabia is A Young Nation

It turns out that the average age of the Saudi Arabian population was around the age of 20, 20 years ago. Now, after westernization has taken over the young people, the average age is around 30, which is still pretty young.

Swimwear Is All About Location

As we said, exceptions to the city’s dress code do exist in certain circumstances and locations such as private beaches. Recently, women/family only beaches in Dubai launched modest dress code rules with women asked to cover up bikinis with dresses, or shorts, and tops. Generally, at public beaches, it is better to dress more modestly than at private beaches in Dubai.

In all beaches, nude or topless sunbathing is prohibited. Most of the more liberal beaches are operated by hotels and apartments open to residents or visitors who are required to pay a fee. Interestingly, wearing swimwear at or near restaurants and shops even close to the beach is considered disrespectful to the local culture.

Discover the Persian Gulf’s unique appeal: