Happiness In a Cookie: The Unicorn Treat You Will Want To Devour

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In the most recent years, mystical unicorns have become a fashion statement and a food theme that has most foodies and almost all fashionistas going crazy for in their works. We've seen unicorns used in designs for the market of children's clothing as well as unique dresses and apparel, and even seen the magical creature have its images posted on cakes and cookies, in forms of savory desserts that have all creators inspired. What could be the next level of the art of the unicorn? Combining it with the fan favorite Macaroon cookie.


Duluth, Georgia based bakery Mac Lab Bakery now has fans going wild for their new take on the unicorn and sweets trend by making the most creative Macaroon cookie with the face of an adorable unicorn, and the taste of Fruity Pebbles inside. People are absolutely going crazy! The design begins with the cutest, one line eyes, centered with a sprinkley design, and topped with two ears and a spike in between to show the symbolic horn of the distinguished, mystical creature.

We are open today! Come on in and warm yourself with the company of unicorns!

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Mac Bakery is one innovative bakery that exceeds the unique design; they also use healthy ingredients in their cookies. They use non GMO ingredients as well as almond flour to ensure that their cookie serves those with gluten allergies, aside from those who will simply want to delve into this treat regardless, because it is so worth it! The one appealing thing about the Unicorn Macaroon is that aside from its cute little designs, the flavoring makes it everything. Like we said before, the flavor is based off of fruity pebbles with a cream filling thatĀ brings us back to our childhood, and that is a beautiful quality in itself that makes the cookie worth its calories!