Helpful Hacks For An Organized Life

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Big blow-ups of frustration in life usually happen because of all the little moments. Before the little annoyances that you face every day push you over the edge, take a look at these helpful habits.

Stop scrambling for the keys every single time you need to unlock the door. Quit letting your leftovers burn your tongue. Get yourself some organizational decor and fix your life.

The Key To Organization

This is a small but handy trick to prevent confusion and chaos when it comes to keys. Get some nail polish (you can get a couple of bottles of Essie for about $1 each). You can also use paints that adhere to metal.

Use a different color to paint the tops of each key. All you have to do is remember what color belongs to the car key, house key, etc.

Double-Duty Decor

Certain parts of the house are desperate for organization. The two main culprits are the kitchen and bathroom. Hang shelves up in spaces that are more cluttered than others. Cabinet pantries and spice racks can help hold your clutter in the kitchen.

Use shower caddies to hold your skincare products and soaps instead of spreading them along the edges of your bathtub.

A Magnetic Tip

Placing magnets in calculated positions is a magical little trick. Put magnetized strips to the side of the stove, the fridge, or the kitchen wall, giving yourself a place to keep knives.

Stick some in your workroom to hang nails, screws, and tools. You can use them to organize your tweezers and bobby pins in the bathroom.

Plant Doctor

Are you leaving for a couple of days. Do you forget to water houseplants when you're at home? Fill a pitcher or a pot with water. Use pieces of string to connect your plants to the container.

This will make the water flow to your plants in a subtle, steady trickle, stopping them from dying of thirst or drinking too much.