Hero Groom Ditches Wedding To Fight Fire

When your big wedding day comes around, it’s only natural that you want to enjoy yourself. With so much stress – and so much investment – on the build-up, just enjoying your big day is the goal. However, for some people, the work never stops.

You might find that you spend way too much of your wedding policing guests and asking people – as politely as you can – to stop messing up everything.

Frustrating? You bet. For one groom, though, it’s a little different. When you choose to marry someone who is in a job as impressive as being a firefighter, you are agreeing to certain concessions.

So, when one groom decided to bail on the wedding that he’d spent so long planning, there was a natural shock. When you find out why he chose to do so, however, it becomes a little easier to accept.

Running away with someone else? unforgivable. Too drunk on the stag do and forget to turn up? Disgraceful. Gong away to fight a fire? Yeah … hard to argue against.

Jeremy Bourasa was to marry the love of his life, Krista, in their September 1st wedding in Minnesota. However, despite some problems on the run-up to the wedding, they managed to get everything prepared and properly.

Even though stuff like wedding venues letting them down, they managed to secure their venue at a place Jeremy loves: the St. Paul Park Fire Station.

They were worried a fire call might come in during the wedding but were told that others would deal with it. Despite doing everything they could to keep the wedding moving forward and with everything going to plan, a major call came in during the wedding photos.

A Major Incident

Sadly, the fire was totally out of control: they needed more brave firefighters to contain it. Krista could see he was desperate to help, not to let his friends and comrades down. So, she said: “I just looked over at Jeremy and I could just see it in his eyes. He felt so torn. And I said, ‘Go ahead and go, babe. They need you.’

“I’ve got the rest of my life with him. They needed him for that moment.” She said when speaking to KARE11.

It’s a truly amazing video, and shows his commitment to being a hero for his community.

As the couple had endured major familial tragedy due to fire, which had claimed the life of their nephew two years prior, it was plain to see that Jeremy was not willing to let anyone else suffer without trying his hardest to stop it.

Job done – and what a job. Well done to both of them – Jeremy and Krista, we salute you and wish the happiest of marriages together!