Heroic Couple Refuse to Leave Dogs Behind During Flood

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Recently, we’ve seen a lot of heart-warming scenes as people stick around for their pets in times of chaos. Many families refuse to leave behind their animal companions even in the face of impending danger. Joso, Japan, was sadly hit with brutal flash floods in 2016 – neighborhoods were smashed to pieces as the water raged.

The Surprising Companion

Like many couples, the family had seen their home ravaged by the storm. Climbing to the roof in a bid to be rescued after seeing large portions of their home flushed away, a helicopter came along. The pilot, experienced and capable, managed to get the helicopter to the home despite the conditions – but was surprised to find they had a dog as a companion.

Despite the immense danger of the situation, and with the chance of the home coming away at any point, the rescue team draped down to help pick everyone up. Finding his footing on the least steady ground you can imagine, the rescuer soon realised the job was much harder than he thought. Saving three was going to be a major challenge – but four?

A Challenging Rescue

Attaching the woman to the harness first, and then return for the husband. Hooking them up and getting them onto the helicopter quickly – albeit with a few moments of challenge – the rescuer team returned for the husband as the floods began to worsen.

Lowered onto the roof, he made his way across to help the husband – and the dog, of course – get attached to the harness and make their escape. Despite the ticking time bomb of the situation, they managed to get up and away before the home was torn to shreds by the elements.

They only just escaped the impending damage to the home, and a moment’s hesitation would have meant a much more tragic end. Thankfully, everyone survived and while their loss was immense, there was still the prize of making sure everyone escaped without injury.

Do you think you could go that extra mile to keep your pet safe?