Heroic Man Cuts Homeless People’s Hair For Free, Gets His Own Shop As Karma

The world can be a pretty brutal place – look around often enough, and you can always find stories that make you feel really sad. It’s just part of society, as we get more globally connected, it seems sad stories are more far reaching.

However, the upside is that we also get to hear about wonderful stories from afar, too. Take Brennon Jones, a barber for Philadelphia. He goes around his local neighbourhood and cuts the hair of homeless people for absolutely nothing in return – not a dime.

Having been cutting hair for over ten years in stores, he decided to leave cutting hair in stores and work in other ways. Instead, he started Haircuts 4 The Homeless to try and help local people down on their luck around the area. At the time of writing, Jones has cut over 1,000 heads of hair since he started – amazing, right?

It all started when Jones got that same tinge of guilt we all do when we bypass another human on the street, maybe passing them enough for a coffee.

“I saw a homeless person when I was on my way to work. I gave him a couple of dollars and went about my way. But I felt guilty, like I could’ve done more,” Jones said.

Rather than just think about it, Jones actually DID something about it.

Now, as you might imagine, such a fantastic and kind-hearted thing caught the eye of people. The owner of Taper’s barbershop, Sean Johnson, heard about what this young man was doing with H4TH, and decided to help out.

“I’ve had this [space] for two years, fully furnished. With other ideas, it didn’t work out. I just wanted my vision to keep going and to see his vision keep going. Hopefully, he can make it bigger than what it is,” Johnson said.

Now, Jones can cut hair for people in need at a particular location, instead of taking his tools with him about the streets. It’s comfier and more private for all, and delivers the exact kind of message you want to hear. Someone took a great move to help out those who had less than him, and in return was rewarded for his kindness with good fortune.

That’s not all, though – Brennon’s not finished yet!

“The good part about this is I can do more. I can feed them here, provide them with information because it’s an actual building. My plan is to link with the shelters all throughout the city and find partners that will provide transportation,” Jones claimed.

It’s a wonderful story, and we congratulate Haircuts 4 the Homeless and Brennon.