Hidden Online Shopping Threats: e-skimming & 'Magecart Attacks'

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The internet is obviously a great place, giving us all the opportunity to learn, to invest, and to buy like we never could in our own communities. That being said, if there is one issue with the online industry, it’s just how easy it is for hidden threats to your personal data, and even your income, through hidden online shopping attacks.

This has become a sadly common practice, so much so that the FBI in Portland has already stepped out to raise awareness. With October being National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s important that you do a bit of reading into what you could be running into when trying to buy items online.

Indeed, a common issue for many people when shopping online comes from “e-skimming”. This technique has become very commonplace in the online e-commerce industry and has seen many people impacted.

This hacking technique is used by criminals to try and get in line with third-party vendors who provide credit card payments online. However, even government agencies have been impacted in the past.

The main issue, though, is cost. The big companies and agencies often have the funds to put in place solid preventative measures to stop this problem from getting any worse. They can also then work together with others to try and reinforce their own security. But what about the small and independent companies that you might choose to buy from?

Beware of Magecart attacks

Another common problem that has become a major blight on online shopping is known as ‘Magecart’ attacks. These are part of the wider e-skimming industry, but they are used to attack everyone from the little to the large. While some warning signs on a Magecart attack, it’s often something that could slip through the net.

From a new company domain name appearing to edited JavaScript codes, there are many telltale signs of a potential e-skimming attack. The most common FBI tips included updating all of your systems and software, segregate your network systems and avoid running them all on one platform and make sure that all of your login credentials are advanced as well as regularly changed.

Of course, it’s also essential that any staff who are working with an e-shopping facility are trained and educated on the challenge of cybersecurity. This is becoming a major issue across the internet; the more that can be done to tackle the problem and minimize the risk, the better.