Hiker Saved by Apple Watch

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A hiker from New Jersey has credited his Apple Watch for saving his life by dialing 911 after he and his date fell down a cliff.

The Apple Watch has several emergency response features including the ability to detect a fall and notify first responders.  Its location services send the coordinates of the wearer directly to emergency services.

James Prudenciano certainly believes that but for his Apple Watch he would not be alive.  He said that he and his date, Paige Paruso, had lost visibility as the sun went down when they were out hiking and had fallen down a cliff.

They had tried to slide down the drop believing it to be a lot lower than it was.  At the bottom, they were shocked to find they were going to fall directly into the Navesink River below.

The Watch Dialed 911

Paruso landed in the river sustaining minor injuries but Prudenciano landed hard on some rock, causing 3 spinal fractures.  At this stage, he believed he was going to die but the Apple Watch had already dialed 911.

All Apple Watch models after the Series 4 are fitted with this automatic SOS feature.  It can detect if a user falls and will ask if they require 911.  If there is no response or the wearer is immobile for longer than 60 seconds it automatically calls first responders and sends coordinates.

The couple were rescued by boat and were treated at the Hackensack Meridian Jersey Shore University Medical Center.