Best Construction “Innovations” Ever

Growing up as kids back in the years when nothing had a screen, you probably engaged in improvised crafts or construction where you either made pie from mud or made a solar system from paper Mache, or built a castle with sand or built other things we wanted to. It was all fun and lots of effort was put in to ensure they come out perfect… or at least close to perfect.

You might not have noticed but if you look back at some of the items you built at the time, you might observe that there are some fails they might have had that would make them similar to some of the constructions highlighted in this article. Don’t feel bad, we all did it, and I’m pretty sure we all fell victim to similar construction errors.

Here are some of those construction errors that have found their way into real life scenarios:

Caution: Watch Out For Hazards

Back then; all that mattered was the aesthetics. We wanted to make sure they were as good as can be and if for any reason we felt something was off or something wasn’t right, we would restart the construction (our friends’ crafts must not be finer or better than ours… right?) that passion for construction and eye for little detail started to fade off as we grew older.

Now we just want to get things done and over with so we can move on to other fun things because let’s face it, who really enjoys work, anyway?

“I’ll wait in the ca…”

This woman was sure 100% that she could reach her car using these steps, as she has been doing for the past 5 years. Some construction workers had a different idea. And now seriously (or not) what was there first?

You’ll get tons of these funny moments on the next pages.

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