Hilarious Photos Captured At Airports

If you think about it, Airports are probably the weirdest public spaces that exist. It’s the place That stinks of adventure and bad body odor, drinking a beer at 3 a.m. is totally acceptable, and sleeping on a bench or walking around barefoot are actions that are never judged. Its no wonder this list is full of hilarious sites seen in these weird and wonderful spaces!

Sometimes the sites before us at airports are so unbelievably weird that you need to have your phone at the ready to snap a pic and prove it actually happened! Scroll through to see the people that were able to capture some hilarious airport moments

I’m Not Moving!

Often you find people at airports running, rushing to catch their flight or spend some time in duty free, but there are moments one has to sit back and laugh, like the guys stuck behind this old lady who seems totally oblivious that she is causing one huge traffic jam! That…or she just doesn’t give a damn!

Hold your boarding pass, there’s more