Hilarious, Ridiculous, and Brilliant Ads From Way Back When

We live in a very different time today then we did in the past and one of the clearest ways to see this is looking at how advertising has changed and evolved. Some of the vintage ads are so hilarious you will ask yourself how any advertiser ever thought to create such a thing while some are plain brilliant.

Here we have collected the best and worst of the bunch for your viewing pleasure!

Begin Early- Shave Yourself!

Let’s jump right in with this absolutely hilarious advert of a cute little babe seemingly shaving himself. Is it trying to suggest this razor will make your skin ‘as smooth as a baby’s bottom’ or is it being literal with the fact that there is no ‘too soon’ when it comes to shaving?

Begin Early- Drink Cola!

And another advert of old with the message that earlier is better, no matter what. This time the catchphrase is “For a better start in life- starts cola earlier!”. It goes on to state that laboratory tests over the last few years have proven that starting cola earlier leads to success…in life…
Now we know that this is the farthest from true and we understand why so many old people suffer from tooth problems, imagine drinking that stuff since you were two!
See what else would get you fired if suggested today…