Hilarious Stuff Found Only In Texas

Texas is so big, its people often refer to the rest of the United States as “that sketchy place outside of Texas.” Proudly known as the Lone Star State, Texas loves to immortalize its former status as an independent republic as well as its historic struggle for independence from Mexico. Bigger than many countries, it would be the 39th largest country by land mass if it were a nation.

Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Texans have their own dandy sense of humor. Possessing a culture larger than life, Texans are renown for their good old-fashioned manners and their smiles as bright as day. There’s a reason the origin of Texas’s name comes from the word “taysha”, which means “friends” in Native American Caddo.

Let’s take a look to see the most charming Texas signs ever displayed.

No Bite And All Bang?

Outside of Texas, you could pass this sign off as a prank or ironic sense of humor, however, in Texas chances are it’s a fair warning to anyone who would dare trespass. Knockin’ on heaven’s door might become a reality when door knockin’ here.

Oh, Deer.

You wouldn’t forget a sign like this. Unlike most signs which advise drivers to watch out for “insert animal”, this one offers a more realistic take on the sad reality of deer fatalities on the road. That’s quite the eyed-deer.

Hold onto your cowboy hats, there’s more: