What's Going on With Walmart’s Greatest Customers?!.

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Walmart may have the wildest deals around, but it's recently become a goldmine for more than just rollback prices. With stores in every single state, it's become a treasure of sociological research in the age of smartphones. People just can't help but snap and post some of the wackiest folks popping up at this iconic superstore. With more than 11,695 locations, you’re bound to have at least a few crazies going in and out every day! It's no conspiracy, really.

Midnight Snacker

Have you ever been desperately hungry just before bed? We all have, honestly. But who can say they went nude straight to Walmart, barely blanketed? Only this woman, we hope.

When those rumbles takes over, nothing can stop the cravings for some. The duvet does help stay within the law, but maybe Walmart needs a very basic dress code just for the store. This is outrageous! Nothing underneath! Will no one confront this bizarre babe, right to her face? No, and she probably got a warm "Welcome to Walmart" on the way in!

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