Hilarious: Wildlife Funny Photography Award Finalists

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This is the third year it will be held. Every year, the fans gather round to view the annual comedy Wildlife Photography Awards nominated pictures. As always, this year will be even better. We expect to see animals in their natural habitats caught on camera in acts that may not have been believable. But with the photographs as proof, these pictures make it to the Awards.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 | Danielle D'Ermo |Title: Coastal Brown Bear Cub with headache|Location of shot: Lake Clark Alaska

The humour attached to the annual event is exceptional. The animals are in no way harmed, but they have been captured in rare displays that leave the audience reeling over in laughter.

The awards started in 2015; it was organized by Paul Joynson Hicks. They promote the Born Free Foundations through the event. Paul is also a wildlife photographer who has been an active member of the foundation. The Born Free Foundation was established to create more awareness about the need to protect our wildlife. The submissions are open to everyone. After all the photographs are collected, screening commences, and only the best make it to the final selection.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 |Mary McGowan | Title: Caught In The Act | Location of shot: Brandon, FL USA

In total, every year, over one thousand pictures are collected for this award. The final selection screens out the rest leaving only forty-one pictures. Some of the criteria used for the selection include the photographs that show animals making the funniest expressions.

Many pictures also depict the animals in their natural habitat interacting in peculiar ways that can be termed as hilarious. However, not everyone may find the pictures very funny. The ability to project our lifestyle as humans in these pictures is a starting point to connect with the photographs in a comedic way.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018| Shane Keena | Title: Peek-a-boo! | Location of shot: Salton Sea, CA

This year the final forty-one pictures have been released. It is now time to start voting for the winners. The public is encouraged to view the final selections and pick their favourite. This year’s event is sponsored by the Affinity Photo, the software company. All participants during the voting exercise also stand a chance to win an iPad. It has also been announced that the winners will be revealed at the ceremony scheduled for November 15, 2018.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 | Jamie Bussey | Title: Crouching Tiger, Peeking Moose | Location of shot: Southern Alberta, Canada

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 | Geert Weggen | Title: split | Location of shot: BispgÃ¥rden

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 | Amy Kennedy | Title: Bullies! | Location of shot: South Georgia

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 | Sergey Savvi | Title: Hot Kiss | Location of shot: Krabi, Thailand

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 | Robert Adamson | Title: majestic stag?! | Location of shot: Laggan, Scottish highlands

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