The Hoover Dam Miracle

As one of the most impressive engineering feats of its day, the Hoover Dam has long been one of the most important structures of its kind. A powerful solution for producing power and managing the city resources, the Hoover dam plays a huge role in the region. However, it’s power is something that few people can appreciate. A whopping 1200ft tall, the Hoover dam is a monolithic creation that is truly one of the most impressive dams in the world. It holds back the Colorado River and uses its power to help create a much more manageable water flow.

However, when people go to visit dams, it’s rarely to just admire their architectural marvel – there’s usually a little more to it. People love to experiment with them, to see what they are like when you do anything from throw a ball down to pour some water in.

Creative Experiments

For Leslie Hutchings, the aim was to go to the top of the Hoover Dam and then drop some water out of a bottle all the way down. When she opened the bottle, though, the water didn’t float down as you would expect – it floated upwards, towards the sky, defying any kind of conventional gravitational knowledge that we have.

Trying again and again, the water continued to just flow upward, not down – a freak of nature, surely unrepeatable, right?

Against Nature

Many videos exist of people doing this unique trick, with everyone failing to see the water flow down where it should. All that happens is that the pourer gets hit in the face with a nice spray of water – good to cool you down, I guess! No matter what people seemed to be using, from a bottle of water to a construction hat, the same thing would happen each and every time.

According to scientists, it’s because of the curvature of the dam that creates an upward drift thanks to the wind and air hitting the face of the dam. Despite the fact you cannot feel the draft yourself, it’s enough to force the water back towards you instead of down as you would expect.

If you ever wind up at the Hoover Dam, and you should definitely try to go look at it, take a look at what happens when you try it yourself. If you get the water to go down the way, we’ll be pretty damn impressed!