Hope: Bambi Changes Homeless Man’s Life

After reading a story like this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if we all started making it a practice to pick through the trash for treasures. Apparently, you never know what you can find – and how much it’s worth! But the good luck of one Canadian homeless man is actually quite heart-warming.

Just Worth $20

Adam Gillian isn’t your average homeless man. In order to pay for food, he makes a practice of dumpster diving for valuable things to sell to Curiosity Inc., an antique store where he resides in Edmonton, Canada. In his search one day, he came across a picture of a scene from the Bambi movie.

Just to see if it was worth anything, he brought it to Alexander Archbold, the owner of Curiosity Inc. Alexander bought it from him for $20, and Adam was happy enough with the profit.

Worth More Than $20

However, Adam had no idea the value of what he had found – and neither did Archbold, at first! The picture turned out to be an original drawing from the Bambi movie, an extremely rare find.

It was so rare that the value of the picture was over $3,000! Now, Archbold could have kept all of this to himself, but instead, he began a search for Adam Gillian to give him the $1,700.35 – the total after fees – that he owed him.

Why So Sympathetic?

Going above and beyond to find success in his search, Archbold finally found Adam after making a YouTube video to record his hunt. Archbold shared the exciting news with Adam over lunch.

However, Archbold wasn’t finished yet. The antique store owner had himself experience homelessness at a young age and felt that he needed to do more to help Adam get off the streets. In a great act of kindness, Archbold began a GoFundMe page for this unique homeless man, spurred by their unique story.