How A Seven Year Old Made a Fortune and Saved the Environment

Recycling is one of the most important efforts that anyone can make to save the environment. Unfortunately, not many people can take the time to throw their plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper plates, and other recyclables in the bins. One boy, however, decided to make the best of his efforts that no one could possibly imagine. From three years old to seven years old, he is beyond worthy of praise and kind words by the fact that as a toddler, he began, and as a grown child, he still continued and raised more money than one could ever imagine.


Ryan Hickman had started recycling based on his love for sorting different items and using his hands, all at the age of three years old. He even got paid two to three dollars by his parents, which helped him assort his money, furthering his passion. As he got older, he became more involved with recycling, and it became somewhat of a business of his called Ryans Recycling. By the time his business grew and grew, he had earned more than anyone could imagine, simply ten thousand dollars. One could only imagine now what Ryan would do with this money, of course assort it and keep going with his business.


According to Ryan’s website, his young company has recycled over two hundred thousand bottles and cans, fourty nine thousand pounds, and donated one-thousand sixy hundred and twenty four dollars to charity. Not only is this impressive, but it shines a light on what we as humanity can do to recycle. It is pretty simple: If a seven year old child can do it, then so can we. Talk about impressive, right?