How Robert Pattinson Became the New Batman

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Selecting Robert Pattinson as the new Batman was a surprising move from Warner Bros. Now we learn, that picking the Twilight heartthrob to replace Ben Affleck was a long and winding process.

This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia was also in the race for the black cape but was rejected for being "too old" to be the Batman.

Ventimiglia opens up about Batman snub

Ventimiglia revealed in a recent interview that he had actually auditioned for the role, and thought that he had a real chance of getting it. Warner Bros., however, were thinking long-term and opted for the nine years younger Pattinson to be the new face of the franchise.

Ventimiglia didn't seem to take this too hard, as he's pretty busy these days; you can watch him at his best when the new season of This Is Us premiers.

“Do I see myself in a cape and cowl? Warner Bros. didn’t. They were looking for a new Batman and they said, ‘Ventimiglia, you’re too old.’ That’s OK, it doesn’t matter,” he said.

His fas though, seem to be offended on his behalf for this "ageism". Still, the experience seems to have put Ventimiglia off, and he said he won't be auditioning for any more superhero movies. Instead, he's much happier “playing real-life superheroes,” like Denny Swift and Jack Pearson.

Pattinson Lands Batman Role

According to Metro, the choice came down to Pattison vs Nicholas Hoult. The movie is slated to open in theaters sometime in 2021, and production gearing up now.

This was supposed to be Affleck's baby, with him both starring and directing, but in January he eventually stepped down. Director Matt Reeves took over, bringing his own vision for the project.

Dylan Clark and Michael E. Uslan are set to produce the movie. They're all keeping the details rather secret at this point, but Uslan wanted to assure the fans about picking Pattinson.

Uslan Defends Choosing Pattinson

“Wait until you see the movie,” Uslan shared. “My position is this: trust the filmmaker and give the filmmaker, and the filmmaker’s vision, the benefit of the doubt.”

Many fans had a difficult time picturing the Twilight pretty boy as the dark knight, and they weren't shy about saying so. Uslan askes us to trust the director, and just wait till we see it before we pass judgment.

He said: “And then once you see the movie, judge the hell out of it. But I think that’s really the formula going forward. I couldn’t be happier, I couldn’t be more enthused, as a Batman fan, that Matt Reeves is the filmmaker in charge and has selected Robert Pattinson to be his next Batman.”

We don't know much about this film, other than, thankfully, it's not supposed to be another origin story. Instead, Reeves is telling a different Bruce Wayne story, giving the fans something to look forward to.

How Did Pattinson Land the Batman Role?

Age was hardly the only consideration. Still, when Reeves wrote his Batman story he reportedly envisioned a young actor playing Wayne, and even thought specifically of Pattinson in the early stages of the process.

Pattinson also has the right jaw-line (soooo important for a comic book character ;) but he has also built an impressive acting career since his Twilight days.

Pattinson’s roles in Good Time and High Life are what convinced Reeves that he was the right man for the job. Here's hoping that everything works out, especially following the most recent Batman films.

The Batman is scheduled to open in theaters on June 25, 2021.