How Tech Transformed Designs in London and New York Fashion Week

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London Fashion Week started this weekend and September is just ramping up for fall fashion. Aside from newf design trends, it seems that tech world have already infiltrated the fashion industry. New York Fashion Week got the first virtual catwalk and at the other side of the globe, London got its first Hololens fashion show. Here are some of the highlights on how tech have already transformed New York and London Fashion Week.

Hololens Fashion Show in London

VR headsets may be the next trend in gaming but we’re not talking about designer VR headsets.

Special guests of Martine Jarlgaard were in for the world’s first Hololens fashion show. They used Hololens headgear images of the entire 2017 collection. They walked into an empty showroom but were handed special gear to be able to see what isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Unlike virtual reality wherein you’re transported to another world inside the headset, Hololens works by superimposin holographic images to your natural environment. That way, you can still feel world around you, and you don’t have to worry about bumping into walls or other objects as you move around.

The whole collection was first scanned to create the holographic images. Although the designs are static images within models, viewers are able to go around the model and take a look at the outfit 360 degrees.

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Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Chatbots

Chatbot games are gaining some interest from big fashion brands like Burberry. The strategy was also used by Tommy Hilfiger and they launched a chatbot via Facebook Messenger.

For those who have no idea what chatbots are, here’s a quick intro. Imagine a question and answer game where you have options to choose which way you want to move forward. Now picture that within your messenger and each answer you give determines how the chat will go as it moves further into the chatbot reply tree.

Example, you can answer yes or no on which collection you want to view. You can specify what color or item you want and it will describe the outfit as if you’re talking to a fashion advisor. So far, feedback on this tech have been positive and that some users find chatbots very engaging.

Meanwhile in New York Fashion Week which started earlier this September, it was high tech wearables that took the stage.

TOME and Intel Technology

Luxury designer TOME created a more fashionable accessories lineup with Intel Curie Technology. It helps women stay in track of their health while on the go.

FILA Connected Shoes

Keeping track of your fitness and health is all about gathering accurate and real time data. This is what FILA and Intel Curie Technology worked together in their newest shoe designs.

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VOKE and Intel’s VR Livestream

Intel and Voke worked together to create a full 360 degrees virtual broadcast of Mischa’s newest collection. The fashion shows were livestreamed using VOKE’s GearVR app, Samsung VR headset and Intel’s tech . Although it was a completely virtual and new experience, it was a very convincing runway show.