Huawei Winning Over Samsung? Foldable Smartphones Are Close

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As the smartphone industry continues to change and alter at barely believable pace, many new ideas get floated constantly. One of the most commonly asked for smartphone changes is to create a folding smartphone. While some don’t really see the benefit of this kind of hardware, it would appear that the good folks at Huawei can see immense potential in such a development.

Currently, in the race with Samsung to make the first foldable smartphone, it appears that the race is on to make this technology come to life. The aim is to have it out by November 2018, apparently with the Chinese giant working with Korea’ LG Electronics to make a quality handset.

The aim would be to have it fold inwards to make sure that it’s a more compact style of phone. Many people find that smartphones are simply too bulky for some of their dress styles, and this has become a popular solution to help them get around that problem.

While the Axon M from ZTE launched in late 2017, it wasn’t a true folding smartphone; instead of using dual displays kept together with a hinge. The actual folding smartphone is not here yet, though it’s hardly a million miles away from being ready.

With the news that Huawei has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement to start developing the parts with domestic and international developers, there’s a lot of interesting news coming out of this. Headed up by the Shanghai Research and Development team for Huawei, this could really go some way to developing a whole new style of a smartphone in a short space of time.

While it’s not yet sure if Huawei will push our production or wait for some consumer feedback first, it’s safe to say that the pathway to folding smartphones just became a little clearer along the way.

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