Ideas For Easy Makeovers For Your Home

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Redesigning your living areas can be quite a time consuming and often overwhelming. Have you ever sat down and just stared at an area you want to upgrade but have not found the motivation to get to work?

We have found the best way to deal with your anxiety and lack of motivation is to start with something small.  If you have a large project for a living area, break it up into small “to-do” jobs, you will be amazed how quickly the entire project will move along and each small makeover will give you a lot of satisfaction.

First off, taking a large project and breaking it into smaller jobs will be a great deal more manageable and you will become even more motivated to move on to the next one.  Here are some really great ideas for upgrades that shouldn't take longer than an afternoon but will deliver excellent results:

A Small Wallpapering Project:

Consider wallpapering just a certain area of your room vs trying to wallpaper the entire area. Consider adding a really nice print to an access wall or maybe the back of a display case. The idea is to create something that will visually draw someone's attention.

Choose a pattern or color for your wallpaper that will compliment the rest of your room.  One thought might be choosing a wallpaper that has a simple interesting design.  Find something that will work with your décor but not become overbearing.

Using wallpaper on a piece of furniture such as a bookcase or display case that has very plain lines, can spruce it up.  This is a very easy project that you can finish in just a few hours at tops.

Dress Your Furniture Up With New Hardware:

Sometimes, the simplest project can actually have a huge effect.  Why not replace your old handles on your dresser with new, intricate brass or a nice floral design on knobs?  Try a whimsical design for your nightstand such as leather pulls or in a child's room – animal faces printed on knobs!

If you are redoing your kitchen, there are so many wonderful kitchen themes to choose from for your cabinets.  Handles shaped like tomatoes or lettuce or apples and pears, the sky's the limit! Maybe your cabinets came out of the fifties and you want them to be retro and modern.  You do not have to go crazy just shop around for modern, sleek designs for the hardware.

Add Some Interesting Artwork To Your Walls:

Artwork has a habit of bringing new life to a room while covering up scratches or imperfections in your painted walls.  You can shop around for artwork or get a little creative and pull out all those wonderful pictures you stowed away and frame them!

Another idea, get a large frame and make a collage of your favorite pictures.  Have a nice simple material for the background, add simple frames to each image and then place them in the large frame.  This small project will not take much time but will give your room a whole new look!

Another idea, have someone make a box with sectionals and place small antiques such as wooden soldiers in each section.

Add Shelving To Display Your Collectibles:

If you are a collector of small teacups, why not have shelves installed on your walls to show them off instead of hiding them somewhere to collect dust.  Really simple floating shelves do not require a lot of work and are quite easy to hang.

The one tool you will need is a stud finder to decide where to hang your collectibles.  Also, depending on their weight, make sure you have the right hardware that will be strong enough to hold the objects.  If you need some advice, talk to someone at your home improvement store.

Add The Magical Touch Of Lighting:

I'm not sure there is anything that adds a more impressive look than new lighting fixtures. Add a new chandelier or wall sconces. Trade out your tired old fifties chandelier with something really modern, sleek, and retro!

You would be amazed by how modern your space will become.  Unless you know how to rewire, it is strongly suggested you bring in a professional who can get the new wiring done in a very short period of time.  If you have an overhead ceiling light, why not trade it in for a really nice fan with lights that matches your décor and colors.

You can have your electrician add a dimmer switch to boot!

Give Your Plants Something To Rejoice In:

Too often, we buy plants and just place them in a corner in the same old pots they came in.  Over time, this is not healthy for the plants due to a lack of needed nutrients and the roots will start outgrowing their space.

Think about placing them in beautiful new planters that accentuate your room and will make your plants very happy! You can choose from ceramic planters, terracotta, or other interesting materials.  If you want to go with colorful planters, pick an accent color that is already a part of your room.