Biggest Pop Culture Imaginary Stories And Rumors

People are bored. When people are bored, they tend to come up with weird and wonderful conspiracy theories, often about those that in the spotlight.

Some of them are eerily convincing (I personally believe Michael Jackson is chilling on a beach in Hawaii somewhere) while some are outright wacky. Here are some of the best and funniest pop culture conspiracy theories that will have you scratching your head for the rest of the day.

Rihanna Can’t Wink

One of the lighter conspiracies on the list, Ben Henry created a Twitter thread on BuzzFeed in 2016 with all the evidence that Rihanna is incapable of winking. A series of Gifs seemed to be all the proof needed for this theory to take off.

No Wink


She may come close, but always fails to complete a proper wink. Whether that’s truly the case of she has just never been caught executing a solid wink on camera, she remains a total diva.

Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty – Rihanna’s middle name means “Sweet Basic” in Arabic.  An amazing choice for an unforgettable stage name. Although we all know her as Rihanna she says that when it comes to close family and friends she only every pays attention when they call her Robyn. She says that she hears people calling out Rihanna all the time, but Robyn will always be her family name.

She has a secret brother. That’s right, the island queen has a younger sibling that rarely is talked about. Rihanna AKA Robyn Fenty has a younger brother by the name of Rajad Fenty. Being that the singing sensation is always working hard whether it be with music or her makeup line, she hardly gets to spend time with family. When she does have time for the family, you can catch her living it up with her mom and dad she loves dearly and her younger brother, Rajad. The two are really close despite the restricted amount of time they get to spend together.

Riri can Take a Bow for not being all that crazy in the backstage demands department. Although her room backstage looks like the most delicious buffet you can get, including a variety of Cheetos (regular and hot), Oreos, Golden Grahams cereal, Cup Noodles, red and white wine, vodka, soda, Frappuccino’s, and garlic olives. About her demands before she performs she recently told Ellen that she goes by the fact that “You never know what mood you’re gonna be in”. for her, we guess the mood veers from hungry, to really hungry.

$1 Million Hair in Accessories

The life of a popstar includes lots of different hair accessories. Rihanna has her hair routine down to a science. She spends $1 million each year on her hair. The singer pays her stylist a daily retainer of $3,200. This means the stylist is available anytime, anywhere. She also spends $24,00 a week to maintain her various hairstyles, which have included pink hair, red hair, long tresses, curls, pixie cuts and many more. Since Rihanna makes at least three appearances a year, she’s willing to shell out megabucks to always look great. Although it seems excessive, when have you ever seen Rihanna with bad hair?

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