The Most Inspiring Model. A Legless Model

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For the last few years, the world has grown used to seeing people from challenging backgrounds to overcome it. These kind of stories are great feel-good stories and show us the true limits of the human body amid adversity. One story that recently broke into the mainstream, though, was one of the most impressive stories I’ve ever read about.

Modeling jobs are, by far and away, one of the most particular jobs that you could ever have. People have such hideously specific requests for modeling jobs that if you are anything other than their own version of “Perfect” then you are in a bit of trouble. So, when the story broke that a model without legs was bucking the trend and really making a name for herself, people took notice.

Kanya Amberlee Sesser, 25, was born in Thailand and abandoned. She has no legs, and was born that way. Now the LA resident is anything but abandoned: she’s one of the most popular names in the modeling industry. Describing herself as ‘uniquely different’ rather than anything disparaging like being disabled, she’s become a bit of an icon on the modeling circuit with good reason.

Found on a grassy field as a baby, she was discovered and taken in. They found that baby Kanya had no legs, albeit without any sign of physical damage or surgical removal. So, as far as we know, she was born this way: there’s no official documentation to say otherwise.
An Inspirational Figure

You go, girl!

She has an amazing perspective on the world and life in general, telling UNILAD in a fantastic interview that: “I honestly don’t use the term ‘disabled’, more like uniquely different. Disabled to me seems like a word which prevents you being what you are.

I can still move and walk on hands. Being born with what you don’t have and having to go through life challenges you in your own ways.
I was born without legs so I have to make my life in my own way – out of my own perspective through the reality.”

It’s an amazing part of the experience that she has gone through, her ability to just see it as part of her life. Despite the world being full of aggressive bullies and people who could make her life a misery she’s achieved greatness throughout her life and has become an inspiration to many.

While she has suffered from the ignorance and poor judgment of others, its’ never stopped her from being who she wants to be. A very lively and energizing people, she’s managed to create a fun and engaging lifestyle for herself that’s not held back whatsoever by her condition.

Having worked towards being a model since age 15, she’s made huge progress and now has reached a point where she’s a major influencer and a popular personality. Yet she does not see it being something that she wants to do all her life or as her main income source, instead preferring to be a motivational speaker.
What a person! If you ever need help in finding that ‘just do it’ perspective in life, then someone like Kanya might be the perfect person to do just that with!