Instagram Account Devoted to Spotting 'The Dress'

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If you’re headed to Zara any time to get a new dress any time soon, you may want to read this article first to make sure you’re not buying the same exact dress that it seems women all over the world have been drawn to.

It’s relatively well-known that Zara has fashion-forward designs that are, at the same time, affordable; as a result, it has become quite popular among young shoppers, but one particular design seems to be a favorite. In fact, it’s become viral in Britain! People know it so well that it’s referred to as just “the dress” and has an entire Instagram account dedicated to sightings of it.

To give Zara credit, the dress is extremely appealing – I’m tempted to go pick one up myself! The website describes it as a “flowing, round neck dress with sleeves falling below the elbow. Featuring a ruffled hem and a buttoned opening in the back” and is selling it for $69.90 in sizes XS to XXL, according to The New York Times.

The Dress gets Social

The Instagram account, run by stylist Faye Oakenfull, is called “Hot 4 The Spot.” Oakenfull told The New York Times, "'The Dress' and I originally met on a set back in Easter when both the art director and makeup artist came in wearing it.

I posted it on my Instagram story as an 'awkward fashion moment' It then started to escalate, with many people sending me their own sightings. After a few weeks it seemed to be so popular on my stories that I decided to start a new account to keep on top of the content." The account bio describes it as “A safe Space for *the dress*."

Oakenfull has even come up with the typical person you’d see around the UK wearing the dress:

"I can be pretty certain where she'll be hanging out at weekends," Oakenfull told The Times. "She loves a bottomless brunch, food markets, day festivals, tennis, baby showers (sometimes hers), hen dos, polo, work parties, weddings, rooftop bars, and poolside prosecco. Most of all, she just really loves food shopping in Marks & Spencer."

With over 5,000 followers, the account regularly posts not only photos of people in the dress all over the world, but also memes about people’s love for the dress. There has been some opposition to the account, however, reports The New York Times.

Some of the posts are pictures people have taken of themselves, but many are candid shots taken without people’s knowledge, though the posts don’t include their faces.

"Let women wear the same dress or coat as everyone else. Let them meet their friends or go to the supermarket without fearing that they'll end up the butt someone else's joke online," Sophie Benson wrote for Metro.

The account presses on despite some criticism, and its growing number of followers don’t seem to resent it. In fact, it’s not the only account of its kind. An account wholly devoted to leopard midi skirts has also begun as a result of their popularity in the U.S., especially in New York City.