Instagram Future Feature Leaked

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As one of the most impressive and commonly used social media programs, Instagram has a huge global appeal. Being able to connect to people through the power of small captions and imagery is a great way to really contact with the world around you.

However, as other social media profiles have changed and adjusted to fit with modern needs and features, Instagram long-term users have been asking for upgrades and changes.

That may be closer to arriving in the form of video calls. Video and voice calling has been a commonly asked for service by IG users, and reports in January claimed that this might all be closer to taking place. Well, eagle-eyed types have been in the back-end of Instagram’ app and have found some rather suggestive file names during their data mining.

They found titles in the APK files called ‘video_call.png’ and ‘call.png’ – images that would likely be the tapped button to start a call with a user. That’s a very impressive little bit of spying by those who were looking in the files. It should help to provide a better idea of what kind of features we might find waiting for us in Instagram as new updates are set to come.

As they try to combat the likes of Snapchat for dominance of the media-heavy social media industry, this new change shows that Instagram is listening to the people calling for further improvements to the platform.

Snapchat has had this for a few years now, and is often a common reason why many still prefer SC over IG. That might be about to change, though, as this new feature that has been sourced and spotted in the APK might spell out that change is finally coming in this particular part of Instagram.


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