Instagram on the Verge of Becoming Your Go To Shopping App

Attendance at malls is falling rapidly; the majority of us would rather skip the brick store and hang out in bed watching Netflix. So ironically it seems that social shopping is actually on the rise because the list of apps and shops we like to frequent is gradually merging into one and the same. With the debut of The-Net-Set which is the latest mobile release from Net-a-Porter, and the perennial cult popularity of classics like The Hunt could you really blame us?

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The giants of social media have perked their ears to this trend and Instagram especially has announced their plans to get in on the action. In spite of Instagram’s huge popularity it’s been a difficult app for retailers to find ways to monetize. Without the ability to caption Instagram photos with direct links if you reached potential customers they had to fend for themselves searching an item on Google and many would simply give up. There were some third party add-ons that retailers could use to get around the shopping problem but now Instagram itself is launching a shopping system.
Like its parent Facebook, the app will be taking a page from those targeting strategies to let advertisers spread their message to demographics they specify. This is a perfect advertising plan for fashion retailers in particular because it’s so visual it makes an ideal platform for shopping.
Moreover what does this mean for you as an Instagram user? Soon you’ll be able to buy beauty products and fashion pieces you favor right from the app page where you see them. If you’re dying to snag the outfits right off your fashion idols it’s not far off; just take care that you install Drunk Lock first to be on the safe side.

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