Instagrammer Turns Sashimi into Jaw-Dropping Works of Art

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You may have memories as a child of your mother telling you, “Don’t play with your food!” Well, you might want to share mikyoui00’s Instagram profile with her to show her just what you can do if you make playing with your food a regular practice.

“See, Mom, maybe I could have had over 33,000 followers like mikyoui00 does if only I had been allowed to fool around a bit with what’s on my plate!”

You’ve Never Seen Sliced Fish Like This

Well, next time you’re feeling up to a fancy restaurant, maybe just light a few candles and try replicating one of mikyoui00’s intricate designs instead. He has taken the art of cooking to a whole different level with how he uses sashimi, a Japanese delicacy of sliced raw fish or meat.

He doesn’t just make neat designs; he creates fantastic creatures, sets beautiful scenes. He forms angelic beings, positions rock stars with guitars, and sets a snowboarder on a ride down a mountain.

How It All Started

What’s incredible is that mikyoui00 isn’t a famous chef; in fact, he’s not a chef by profession at all. He simply loves to cook at home – and is great at it, too! – and has a particular flair for aesthetics. He began by using these fun, artistic techniques to teach his son how to make sashimi and would post each one on Instagram with the hashtag #SashimiArt.

 My job has nothing to do with art or design. I really started working with fish during the summer of last year,” mikyoui00 told Nippon. “I wanted to teach my son about how to slice and prepare sashimi, and over the course of teaching him, I ended up really getting into it myself.”

What Goes Into Sashimi Art

Now, preparing sashimi isn’t as simple as just slicing up some meat or fish; it involves several different techniques, like the Sugata-zukuri cut, for instance, which involves slices that are arranged and designed within the fish, or usu-zukuri slices, where it’s sliced so thin that they’re almost translucent. You’ll find these and many other techniques in mikyoui00’s posts.

 Other Instagrammers attempt to do similarly with their sashimi, but their floral spreads or shades of colors are nothing compared to mikyou000’s actual works of art. In fact, if they would keep from going bad, you could almost begin framing them and putting them in museums! You can see his creations for yourself on his Instagram page.