Interesting Facts About The Walking Dead

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We bring you interesting facts about one of the most popular TV shows nowadays - The Walking Dead, AMC’s zombie show lasting for 7 seasons.

  1. Too violent for HBO?

Originally, the creators of the show first offered their idea to HBO, as they believed it would be the best fit. After all, this is the production house behind Game of Throne and many shocking scenes, including murders, nudity and incest. Yet, they demanded a significant reduction of violence.

Fortunately, AMC accepted The Walking Dead, under other condition- no swearing.

  1. The opening logo is decaying over time

Although opening credits of the show are often fast-forwarded, even a non-regular viewer will notice the change in the main title sequence. The logo has gotten darker, filthier and worn-out since season one.

The logo is show runners idea of depicting deterioration of both zombie corpses and human behavior. The only question remaining- what will be left at the end of the series?

  1. Networks wanted to leave out the zombie

Another production house, NBC wanted to accept the apocalyptic show of people surviving the epidemic of human eating zombies, but under condition- to exclude the zombies.

After this idea fell off, another suggestion was to turn the show into a zombie version of Law& Order or CSI, where would Rick and others solve a “zombie crime” each week in order to understand the human nature better. Frank Darabont, the original show runner - ran away.

  1. The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad might exist in the same universe

Although this is just another speculation, there is a possible connection of AMC’s most famous shows.

First, the car Glenn stole in Season 1, red Dodge Challenger, is the same vehicle Walter White returned to a car store managed by a man called Glenn. Merle Dixon had a stash of drugs with some Blue Sky meth, Walter White’s trademark product. Also, Daryl told to Beth about Merle’s dealer “junky little white guy” often using the word “bitch.” Resembling Jesse Pinkman, perhaps?

  1. Dale wanted to be killed off

Even though this is a show where you can never guess who will be next, even the writers have to improvise sometimes. Jeffrey DeMunn wanted to be killed off, because the actor was unsatisfied with his friend Frank Darabon being fired in Season 2.

So, instead of Hershel being killed by Carl’s pet walker, Dale was killed. Luckily, one old bearded guy easily changed the place of another, especially as the moral center of the group.

  1. Character of Daryl Dixon was created for the show

Interestingly, this character does not exist in the comic books. Yet, he is possibly the most popular survivor of the show.

Actor Norman Reedus originally auditioned for the role of Merle, who also does not exist in comics. Writer Robert Kirkman was so fascinated by Reedus’ performance that he created another character so he could be on the show.

  1. 16mm films are used for series’ shooting

In the age of modern technology, most of the series or movies are shot with digitally, as it is easier, more colorful and cheaper. Yet, zombies look cooler on film.

The show is shot on Kodak’s Super 16mm, since the first day. The show runners insisted that grainy look achieved this way matches perfectly with the show. Also, zombie makeup appears a lot more disgusting this way.