International Women’s Day 2018. Events You Do Not Want to Miss!

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Every year, International Women’s Day is a time for rich celebration of all females on the planet. While we live in a time where change is coming, it’s fair to say that society is often quite slanted to a specific kind of human demographic.

Until the day comes where we have true equality, days such as International Women’s Day play a huge role in helping women from across the world find the help they need to get the respect and attention that they deserve.

Major events are held on a regular basis, but what are some of the most significant events that we can expect to see for this particular day?


Bailiwick Express

This event is going to be held across large parts of the United Kingdom, but is expected to be most keenly felt in London.

This is part of the CARE International UK push to make the event as large as possible, and it’s likely to be among the largest this huge march and rally is especially important this year as it’s the 100th anniversary since some women were given the opportunity to vote in the UK.

The march starts at Millbank in London SW1 and will move through the city until a huge rally takes place at Trafalgar Square.


This huge march is expected to take place in LA, California. This massive march is going to be built around some very important themes indeed.

With the motto “Forward to a Feminist Future” it’s sure to hold a very rich and exciting atmosphere and a very positive, optimistic tone.

Given the significant challenges going on in US culture and politics at present, this is definitely one of the marches to keep an eye on. It’ll start at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Alameda, and end at City Hall.

International Women’s Strike.

Another major American movement is the one taking place in New York City.

This is going to start at Washington Square Park and move through the city before finishing up at New York City’ Baha’i Center.

It’s sure one to look out for and is likely to be among the largest going on across the USA.

Rally and March.

The Himalayan Times


Taking place in Melbourne, Australia, this massive march is going to be the biggest Down Under from the looks of things.

Taking place on Thursday, 8th March, this will start at State Library of Victoria and likely end at the State library again.

Events are detailed on their official Facebook page, and we also expect to see some major events taking place in the city such as the Virgin America Melbourne Fashion Festival; given it lined up with IWD, it could be a very exciting event to watch unfold.

This is sure to be a very enticing and exciting viewing. If you are looking to get out on the streets for International Women’s Day this year, be sure to look into any of these events. Of course, you might also find something local, too; just look around – IWD 2018 is going to be the largest yet!

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