Is it Safe to Visit Venice Even With Flooding Shutting Everything Down?

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At this time, tour companies and those living in Venice are urging travelers to stay away.  The flooding has become quite dangerous and it's not recommended that anyone making plans to visit.  There are many other Italian destinations that should take advantage of and consider Venice for a future trip.

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Many people know that Venice is slowly sinking, but this low-lying city is more than 85% underwater after this severe flooding which has put the city in harm's way over the past few days.

Acqua alta or high waters are the highest in over 50 years, reaching just over 6-feet or 1.87 meters. The devastation from flooding over this past week is almost as high as their record flood that occurred in 1966.  It's been reported as the 2nd worst flood in history, according to the Associated Press.

Venice is a very popular destination in part to their incredible landmarks including St. Mark's Square.  Due to the recent flooding, these landmarks are now underwater!

According to Mindi and Daryl Hirsch from, even though Venice is still a charming city, the flooding is a totally different story. They told Newsweek there is nothing charming about wading through 3-feet of cold, smelly water.  This kind of water makes galoshes and boots useless.

The couple who has a travel-blogging site walked in wast-high water after dinner and said they felt the situation was very dangerous.  They have strongly suggested that if travelers experience this kind of flooding, they should take all warnings very seriously.

The city sounds an alarm when flooding is imminent and the number of tones will signify the expected level of water.  When this happens, you should take cover until the water recedes.  The couple added they believe they will hear these alarms in their dreams for the next few years.

What Travelers Need To Know

 Marco Amorico, president of Access Italy, which is a luxury tour company, recommends travelers avoid the city until normal water levels are restored.  They should pay close attention to all weather forecasts.

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If your plans are set and you are ready to leave for Venice, it's strongly advised you travel to Milan or Turin instead.  If your travel dates are more than a week in advance, monitor the situation and consider looking into other cities like Rome and/or Florence.

Italy is conveniently connected by trains and travel times are relatively short.

 At this time, Urban Adventures Venice is currently closed.  Cecilia Cambero, manager of the Venice Tours for Urban, told Newsweek that travelers going to Venice need to be aware that the city is in peril at this time.

Travelers will be limited in moving about and many sites including museums are closed or in the process of closing down.