Is MileHi the Sky Equivalent of Tinder?

Sometimes flying solo can be lonesome and boring, enter the new app for travel that’s aspiring to change that. MileHi with its playful name is here to take the tedium from the travel process by allowing you and other fliers to meet-up at any point in your journey.

MileHi app

Courtesy of MileHi

This app has performed well so far for being new on the block, it’s already racked up 3,000 downloads since its launch two weeks ago. Founder Richard Lloyd maintains the app isn’t meant to be Tinder for air travel, saying that the name is meant to be catchy and it does have some connotation but it’s really meant to be a networking or business app, not dating.
True to their word the functions of MileHi can serve a variety of purposes such as allowing private or group chats between passengers, as well as the ability to track flight numbers of other parties instead of by GPS like most social apps. This feature is the one Lloyd feels will set it apart because users can rely on it to scope who is on a specific flight, especially the one they’re on.
Of course the idea of travelers reaching out by social networking isn’t new but many entries launched only to fizzle out. One senior analyst for Ovum, a London tech firm, noted that the market for apps for travelers based on location could be too small a niche to sustain, going on to say that people already have apps they use to make connections and might not wish to socialize while traveling.
It’s early yet to determine if that will be the case for MileHi but they’re already working on plans to monetize the app. Lloyd acknowledges it’s a niche market but considers it a large one with all of the people that travel for different purposes. He says there’s a distinction in a group that is flying to the same destination that he aims to hone in on.

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