Is Paleo Really Healthier Than Following the Standard Nutritional Guidelines

Just about everyone you ask these days will agree that we eat too many processed foods here in America.

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The fact that our waistlines are expanding exponentially and the ranks of those suffering from type-2 diabetes seems to grow daily is evidence enough of that but where does the secret to better health lie? Is the change we need to avoid obesity held in reverting our eating patterns to those of our long passed caveman ancestors who hunted and gathered for their food?
Active proponents of the paleo diet come down on the side of saying it does; at least if you make the effort to fully avoid foods like sugar, dairy, grains, and legumes. The diet favors such fare as lean protein, combined with healthy fats and non-starchy vegetables in mass quantities and its supporters say it will make anyone following it both look and feel significantly better.
The problem is many nutritionists just don’t buy into this diet trend. The case can be made they say, that thanks to evolution we are different on the biological level from our predecessors from the Paleolithic period. Nutritionists who don’t favor the Paleo diet go on to say that when a diet bans entire categories of foods from our diets even though they are, or at least can be relatively unprocessed they are setting us up for failure. They believe that this type of diet is too restrictive which makes it flawed from a standpoint of nutrition.
Ultimately according to nutritionists the best diet is to simply eat food in it’s least processed state and enjoy whatever food groups you like as long as you do so in moderation.

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