It is Never Too Late For a Debut in Writing

Beauty magazines are not the only ones who celebrate the youth. It is actually everywhere. Literary organizations are also trying to find and recognize the development of rising stars under 35. There are many talented young writers, but it is sometimes hard to keep them on radars of readers.

Many writers emerge and break out in their late thirties or even after. There is a significant number of reasons for this. Many people think that if you have a good idea, you can write a book. It is actually much more difficult than that. It is a time-consuming work and it needs a great deal of attention. Not everybody has that. There are some writers who first fully raised their children before committing to their craft.

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Writer Kera Yonker noticed about three years ago, the trend toward lauding youthful debuts. She went through year-end book lists, and while doing that, she came across the National Book Foundation’s 5 under 35 honorees. At the time, she has been working on publishing a book, but realized that even if she manages to do that, she won’t be qualified for such an accolade. Yonker said:” If I am ever able to publish my book, I shouldn’t let the fact that I didn’t do it sooner diminish that accomplishment and I am always so encouraged when I hear of a first-time author publishing later in their life.”

Yonker decided to start to compile an annual list of honorees of her own selection. The only condition was that they published their first books when they were 35 or more years old. She said:” I spent a couple days digging around the internet to see if such a list already existed, and couldn’t find one.” Yonker started to collect her publishers and friends submissions, informally, and opened the distinction to authors who are free to nominate themselves. Fiction or not, all genres are considerable by Yonker. The most important thing for her are strong and compelling stories.

the author of Here Comes the Sun, Nicole Dennis-Benn, was honored for her debut work this year. This was a novel that got its place in the New York Times Notable Books list. There were also, Problems, a short and bold novel written by Jade Sharma and Emily Witt with her book Future Sex.

The selections are demonstrating the range of inventive and new writing, not concerning the author’s ages. And, they are intentionally broad. Yonker explained:” Books like Debbie Clarke Moderow’s Fast Into the Night, about her experience as a musher on the Iditarod, and Nick Lovegrove’s The Mosaic Principle, about the benefits of building a broad career, are great examples of what we’re celebrating with the list. None of these books could have been written by the authors at 25 ― the writing is informed by their experience. As readers, we’re lucky these authors persevered in telling their stories.”

The older you are the more life experience you have. So, why should we celebrate writers who are young when debuting as an older writer, 35 years old or more, brings much more benefits? There are many opinions on this subject, but Yonker said:” I think a lot of industries celebrate their wunderkinds, and publishing is no exception. A young author offers the promise of more to come. Once they’re someone to watch, there’s hopefully a built-in book-buying audience for their future titles.”