JFK Airport to Open Up Dog Terminal?

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When we take our dogs to the airport with us, one thing we often worry about is them causing a scene. Hanging around in an indoor airport for so long can naturally have an impact on animals that just love to run around and make the most of every second of the day. So, the staff at JFK International Airport have taken the rather proactive step of opening up an animal-only terminal!

Complete with a ‘dog resort’, this part of the airport is for those canines who just cannot sit at peace otherwise. Now, you can go and handle all of the requirements needed to make sure you can head off on holiday without issue.

Your canine companion can hang around the dog resort while you run around and get everything ready for the big trip. If that does not sound like the perfect day for your dog, we aren’t really sure what will!

Air travel for pets has become a very important part of the process, as in the past it was so miserable, minimalistic and, frankly, quite spartan. Now, things are changing at JFK: you can come on down to the airport and enjoy the first ever privately-owned ‘dog terminal’. Now, your animal can go through the confusing terminal process and make sure the stress and upset of the experience does not have to be so scary.

This is not just for dogs, either. All animals are welcome to be part of “The Ark”, within reason. It will be used as a cargo holding area for animals while they wait for the time to arrive to get the transport that they need. This outrageously interesting idea is one that is going to really change how animals are dealt with when they are taking off from JFK.


It’s also going to house a Paradise 4 Paws kennel collection, which is an overnight pet resort that canines simply adore. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that makes it very easy for you to enjoy the whole experience and ensures that you can see everything from entertainment staff to vets and even an aviary.

Everything is here that your dogs would need to have some fun and to relax as they come into the facility.

The move, which is set to cost around $48m, is sure to make travel so much easier for those who are bringing their pet with them on a trip. It’s no longer going to be anywhere near as stressful or as challenging as it used to be. Now, you can get everything ready for the big trip while your beloved canine has all the fun in the world in The Ark!