Jurassic-Sized Statue of Jeff Goldblum Just Appeared in London

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This year is the 25th year anniversary of the movie Jurrasic Park, one of the most beloved films of all time.  NowTV, a telecommunications company from the UK have found a very special way to celebrate this occasion.

The company has commissioned A 25ft statue of a shirtless Jeff Goldblum who seemed to appear out of nowhere in front of Tower Bridge in London.

The statue is situated in Potters Fields and sees the actor lying on his side with his shirt open – reflecting one of the film’s most famous scenes that became a huge internet meme since then.

NowTV also confirmed on their twitter page,  that the statue weighs a staggering 150kg – equivalent to 48,000 teabags.

Goldblum recently reprised the role of the beloved scientist and chaos theory expert in this summer’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom — which, unfortunately, does not have any scene that even came close to show us Jeff Goldblum in all of his glory.

Luckily we now have this masterpiece to remind us of this, and maybe it will soon be gone but it will stay on the internet forever.

If you need any reminder of this favorite scene here is the man himself breaking it down to IGN a few months ago:

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