Justin Bieber’s #burritogate Scandal’s Surprising Explanation

Back on October 26, Justin Bieber was spotted doing something unusual according to reports – eating a burrito sideways like an apple. It was a paparazzi photo seen around the world, and many were reportedly left confused and some even upset by the pic. Surprisingly, news stations picked it up, while blogs went wild over it.

The story was picked up by USA Today, Vice, Vanity Fair and the San Francisco Chronicle, among others. Victoria’s Secret Model, Chrissy Teigen, came to Bieber’s defense Tweeting, “the only way they should be eaten tbh, ends are just carb factories.”

Now, the truth has come out that the burrito-harmonica moment was all staged, and even more shockingly, the person in the photo wasn’t Bieber, it was a Canadian lookalike named Brad Sousa. The entire thing was staged and set up by a team of YouTubers called “Yes Theory” where Sousa dressed up the singer’s doppelgänger. After posting the image on Reddit, the team waited for the internet to do its thing. They also reposted it to another subreddit where it soon reached the top spot. The team were swamped with media requests for interviews and played along before deciding to reveal their elaborate prank.

“Yes Theory” posted a video of the prank, detailing how they got together with Sousa and watching the paparazzi take videos in order to capture his current hairstyle, tattoos, sense of fashion, and mannerisms. The ensuing photos were snapped, leaked, and posted, and thus an internet meme was born. “We were trying to think of something that would offend the internet,” the team explained in the video.

What was the reason for the prank? “We wanted to prove a point, that staging a story, as goofy as it was, can be done much more easily than most people can imagine,” “Yes Theory” explained. The question remains, however, does Justin Bieber know how to eat a burrito? We’ve got a feeling that the next time Bieber’s in the vicinity of a Chipotle, all eyes are going to be on him.

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