Kanye West Loves “Rick & Morty”

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We knew this before, Kanye West never has minced words when asked what his favorite TV show is, he always says it is “Rick & Morty.” Over the years, Kanye has talked about the show on his social media pages and TV. He says the episodes are so good; it is easy to watch them five times without getting bored.
The “Rick & Morty” TV show is an animated adult science fiction sitcom. It was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The TV show can be seen on Cartoon Network during the late hours every day because of its PG rating. The sitcom is about a crazy scientist called Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith who go on different adventures across the galaxies. So far, there are over seventy episodes of the show.

The press caught up with Kanye in NYC. He had come with Kim Kardashian to enjoy the Versace fashion show. Kanye was about entering the venue of the event when he was asked the all too familiar question, “What is your favorite TV show?” and he mentioned the name we have heard for many years.

We wonder why Kanye is so fascinated by this show. The crazy humor and adventures of Rick and Morty are good for a laugh. It is warming to know that Kanye can find time to unwind with such a hilarious show despite his busy schedule.

We won’t be surprised to see a cameo with Kanye on the “Rick & Morty” show in the nearest future. He has made the show quite popular. Last time Kanye mentioned the TV show’s name, the search results online increased because many people were interested in seeing the show Kanye was so passionate about.

We also noticed a bromance forming between Kanye and the creator of “Rick & Morty” Justin Roiland. The two have been communicating on Twitter, and there are plans to hand out. Kanye has also taken an interest in the characters of the show; he posts pictures of Rick and Morty on his social media pages. The special one happened during Kanye’s birthday. His wife Kim Kardashian launched a new Rick and Morty song titled “Kanye’s B Day,” which was originally composed for Kanye’s birthday

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